It’s getting real in Rialto, folks.

I know that there are many readers out there, okay, all two of you, that may be wondering about the exciting life of a police officer. And I’d be willing to bet that some of you may have caught an episode of COPS every now and again. I, myself, just watched the latest episode, and in case some of you missed it, let me fill you in on the latest Neilsen rating juggernaut story.

Rialto police respond to domestic disturbance call where young love has gone awry. Upon arrival, officers meet with crying girlfriend trying to move out of ex-boyfriend’s house. Boyfriend is upset over a “dent” in the wall caused by his ex-girlfriend’s furniture and belongings as she made her escape from the house.

A dent. In the wall. He called 911 for this. The officer, to his credit, listened patiently to the idiot and his dent, and the call was closed with the girlfriend offering to pay for the damages. A dent, no bigger than a dime, and she resolved to pay him to fix it. Remember the cameras were rolling. And I guess that makes all the difference in Rialto.

Now don’t get me wrong. The police officer was patient and professional, but I have to imagine that how he acted for the camera did not necessarily reflect what he was thinking inside his head. For example, perhaps he was thinking something along these lines:

Are you serious, dude? A dent? Do you see that camera right now? Yeah? You’re on COPS, you know that? You ever seen that show? Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do? You called the police over a dent. Does that sound like prime time television programming to you? I thought you guys were fighting. I mean, I heard this call, domestic disturbance, the most dangerous calls we get and and I’m thinking, alright! Let’s show the world how crazy it gets in Rialto. I was looking forward to chasing someone or calling out the K9. Dog bites. Who knows, maybe even get in a shooting. Now that’s entertainment!

Let me ask you something. When the 911 operator answered the phone and said, “911, what’s your emergency?” did you tell her about the dent? Come on fella. What part of dent screams emergency 911? Is there a new legal bulletin I missed? Because the last time I checked, accidentally denting your wall on the way out is not a crime. Your girlfriend dumped you because you cheated on her. Man up and move on.

And to finish it off with television flare, maybe he could have pointed to the cameraman and said, “Get a good look, ladies. This man is back on the market.” Honestly, who calls the police over a dent?

Of course, I don’t know why I am surprised. I remember hearing a code-3 three call go out (Code 3 – respond with lights and sirens activated) about an Aggravated Assault…….with a pillow. That’s right folks. A pillow.

Bad boys, bad boys. What you gonna do?

Honestly. 😐

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